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Operating for 30+ Years Providing customer & carrier collaboration.

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Competitive quotes on lanes throughout the U.S. and into and out of Canada.

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On-call staff member available for after hours support.

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Providing safe freight transportation of our customer’s goods.

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Ensuring Safe Delivery with Every Mile

Our Commitment to Secure Transportation

Full Truckload

Exclusive use for larger, time-sensitive shipments.

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Cost-Effective for Smaller, Less Urgent Shipments

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Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective for Long Hauls

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Unmatched Freight Expertise

We are dedicated to providing expert freight negotiation, shipping coordination, and innovative transportation solutions. Our approach involves continuous reassessment for efficiency, incorporating cutting-edge security measures, exceptional communication, and ongoing educational growth to stay ahead in the logistics field.

Customer-Centric Service

Dedicated to Providing Personalized, Reliable Client Support

Carrier Collaboration

Building Strong, Trust-based Partnerships for Efficiency

30 years of history

with years in freight brokerage we excel in collaborative Relationships

Secure Shipping

Committed to the Highest Standards of Cargo Safety

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Shipments Fulfilled
Miles Tracked

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We drive success to your business

we specialize in transforming your logistical challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency. Our expertise in freight transportation ensures your business receives unparalleled service, tailored to your unique needs.

  • Competitive, Customized Freight Solutions
  • Unmatched Customer and Carrier Relations
  • Continuous Innovation and Security

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Balz Inc. is dedicated to keeping you informed with the latest news and insights in the logistics industry.

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