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At Balz Inc. , we understand the paramount importance of safety and security when it comes to transporting our customer’s valuable goods. We take pride in our commitment to ensuring that the freight is handled with the utmost care and precision. This outlines our comprehensive safety procedures and the steps we take to provide our customers with a reliable and secure freight transportation service.

Our commitment to safety

Our commitment to safety as a part of our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards, Balz Inc is an active member in the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Our affiliation with the TIA allows us to stay current on the latest resources and best practices to safely transport goods, guaranteeing our customers receive the best possible service. TIA Watchdog is a valuable service exclusively for TIA members, designed to facilitate the sharing of critical information about industry challenges and carrier performance. It empowers our members to report and access insights about potential issues, aiding in making well-informed decisions when choosing carrier companies to partner with.

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The steps we follow to
ensure security with your shipment

Safe Freight Transportation

Evaluate Carrier History

Assessing two-year business track record to ensure reputation and reliability.

Verify Driver Info

Collecting driver names, contact details for direct communication and effective tracking.

Ensure Documentation

Mandatory checks of all relevant paperwork for carrier compliance and cargo safety.

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Strict Documentation Requirements

To guarantee that every aspect of the transportation process is well-documented, we maintain a detailed documentation process:

  • Current paperwork: we ensure that all carriers we work with have up to date paperwork. So we collect their Authority, W9, Notice of Assignment (NOA), Certificate of Insurance (COI), and necessary licenses, permits and certifications.

  • Active COI: we require every carrier to hold active cargo and liability insurance. This means that your cargo is protected and in the rare event of an incident, our customer’s goods will be covered, providing peace of mind.

Transparency in Information Sharing

We believe that transparency is essential in building trust with our customers. That is why we provide all the carrier’s information. This includes driver details, truck and trailer information and necessary documentation. Our goal is to keep our customers informed at every step of the transportation process.

Double Brokerage Prevention:

Balz Inc, like other brokers, has experienced the challenges of carriers double brokering loads. We take this issue seriously and are committed to implementing safety precautions to ensure exemplary customer service. Our strict vetting process for carriers, documentation checks, and transparent communication all contribute to minimizing the risk of double brokerage and ensuring our customer’s goods are transported safely and reliably.

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Our Commitment to Safe Freight Transportation

  • Two-year business history verified

  • Established reputation confirmed

  • Double brokering prevention ensured

  • Driver identities collected

  • Contact details acquired

  • Shipment tracking enabled

  • Authority and W9 obtained

  • COI actively maintained

  • Licenses and permits checked

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